I think a photograph should be more of a representation of the person in it than the person behind the camera. That’s why I consider my clients. I consider who they are, what they love, how they live. I hope this shows in my work. I love that being a photographer means I get to momentarily share in people’s lives; often in some of their most memorable moments. Seeing the end product, a photo that captures the memory and emotion of that moment, is such a joy!

Here is a little about the inspiration that led me to pursue photography:

I am a person who loves to be inspired. My attraction to the world of media and design dates back to a very specific point of inspiration. In 2005 I traveled to Malawi and met a boy named Steven. He, along with the rest of the village I stayed with, opened my eyes to a whole new world of beauty and inspiration.



After my trip to Africa I knew I wanted to pursue photography and design. I wanted to explore the world and the things that make it beautiful. I wanted to contribute to that beauty. To this day I hold the above photo very dear to my heart. This is Steven, the boy who inspired me.

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