Buh Bye Stevie

As a designer, sometimes I am astounded at how dependent I am on the Apple brand. I have my iPhone by my side, my iPod in my ears and my iMac at my finger tips(haven’t plunged into the iPad just yet). Needless to say I have some invested interest in the brand.

Apple just announced Steve Jobs’ resignation. My first thought, “Awe, he was cool!” My second thought, “Oh crap, how is this going to effect me?! Them be some big shoes to fill!”

His chief operating officer, Tim Cook, will be taking his place, and many like me are hoping he is up for the job. I always assumed Jobs was the master mind behind Apple’s infallible sleekness and unmatchable ease of use(all you haters back off!). So lets hope Cook can take the heat! He has been practically running the business for that last year with Jobs’ health deteriorating but has gained a reputation as more of an operational genius than visionary. Will we be seeing any more cool devices in the future? I hope.

Well, here’s to you Stevie! Thanks for all my toys, stay healthy and enjoy your retirement.

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