Mike + Min

Melissa—otherwise known as Min, Min Pin, Mini—has been my friend for 20 years! We were 5 when we met in kindergarten and today is her birthday! I used to love going to her house and playing with her and her sister Duni—I know they have some great nicknames right? Over the years we have stayed in touch on and off and it has always been a blessing to see the journey Min has been on. This summer I got to see my oldest friend get married to a clearly wonderful guy. Even better my mom and I got to capture it on video. So happy birthday and thank you, for the longest running friendship I have had yet and for sharing this exquisite day with me! Here is a glimpse at the love that Mike and Min share!

P.S. Min you have never looked more beautiful and Mike, love the dance moves!

5 thoughts on “Mike + Min

  1. We are in love!!!!!!!!!!

  2. **with the video..it’s incredible Steph!!

  3. This video is amazing! You did an incredible job Stephanie!!!

  4. I just know her as Melissa, but what an absolutely lovely young woman. You are a gem, girl! Happy Birthday.

  5. Stephanie, your talent really shows in this video. Thank you for recording
    this amazing day for Mike and Min. I have so many vivid memories of you girls running around our home, playing little ponies, riding horses at your ranch and putting on dance shows. Those moments were really special times in Melissa’s childhood and the fact that you were there to capture one of her most important days of her life it was a true gift of love and friendship. Thank you from the botton of our hearts. Claudia and Matt. ♥

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