I’m Smitten

So I am overdue for an inspiration post and I must give a shout out to a blog I have been following religiously for about a year now. Smitten Kitchen is a food blog written by a sassy gal named Deb and I absolutely love it! Of course I am partial because of its wonderful photography but I also drool every time I read a post! The sheer length, breadth and variety alone inspires me.

From what I can tell, Deb hails from NYC, the blog has been around since 2006 and there are over 1,000 recipes on it. Deb cleverly sorts recipes by seasons, ingredients, courses and even budget and freezer friendly. She makes everything from savory to bakery and sometimes throws in a mixed drink or two. She has a great eye for presentation and I have a feeling that the dishes don’t taste too bad either. Just don’t except to be losing any pounds on the Smitten Kitchen diet…

Some of the things I appreciate:

  • Deb begins each post with her sarcasm and charm through an anecdote or intro
  • She will totally admit when a recipe is a flop
  • She beautifully documents many of the steps and ingredients that lead up to her final product
  • She includes tips like “How to Max Out Your Tiny Kitchen.”

Some of the things I envy:

  • Her flawless ingredients!—New York markets, how I long for thee
  • Her unique talent of making gourmet masterpieces in a “42 square-foot, circa-1935” kitchen
  • Her ability to continually come up with new recipes—no repeats in 5 years?!
  • Her time—where does she find it?

Here are a few of my faves from the site:

Fennel Prosciutto and Pomegranate Salad
Spaghetti with Chickpeas, I made this and it was delish!
Espresso Chiffon Cake with Fudge Frosting, OMG!
Crispy Potato Roast, I'm making it TONIGHT!
Strawberry Summer Cake, something to look forward to.

So check out what’s got me Smitten and happy cooking!



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