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Tyler Texas :: A Trip Through Ghost Town

As I mentioned in my last post my husband and I helped a good friend move to Texas by joining her on the 26 hour journey called the 10 freeway! Not long after departure we came across a mysterious little exit called Desert Center. Unfortunately, if you really need to pee this is probably the worst place anyone could ever choose to go, but we were so intrigued by this abandoned town that the bladders had to wait! If you are interested, read more about the town here. Wikipedia has some interesting things to say like, “Ragsdale (town founder) was a teetotaler and once hung a sign on the door of the café which read, ‘No Drunks. No Dogs. We prefer dogs.’ He was known to take a stick to travelers who were drunk in his café.” OR “He (Ragsdale) was accused of dallying with an office worker in his employ and left Desert Center in disgrace, living the rest of his days in self-imposed exile.” What a town! Here are some shots of the town and the abandon housing we found near by; as well as some other shots from the drive.

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Tyler Texas :: Doors & Windows

Last week my husband and I had a long overdue vacation/adventure. We were able to help a dear friend out while visting another group of dear friends while exploring a new part of the US… Awesome! Since I took so many photos of the trip I will break it up into a few blog posts. This part I like to call “doors and windows.” I was truly blown away by the beauty that this small eastern town of Texas had to offer. Here is a small glimpse into the grit, elegance and fun of Tyler Texas!

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I’m Smitten

So I am overdue for an inspiration post and I must give a shout out to a blog I have been following religiously for about a year now. Smitten Kitchen is a food blog written by a sassy gal named Deb and I absolutely love it! Of course I am partial because of its wonderful photography but I also drool every time I read a post! The sheer length, breadth and variety alone inspires me.

From what I can tell, Deb hails from NYC, the blog has been around since 2006 and there are over 1,000 recipes on it. Deb cleverly sorts recipes by seasons, ingredients, courses and even budget and freezer friendly. She makes everything from savory to bakery and sometimes throws in a mixed drink or two. She has a great eye for presentation and I have a feeling that the dishes don’t taste too bad either. Just don’t except to be losing any pounds on the Smitten Kitchen diet…

Some of the things I appreciate:

  • Deb begins each post with her sarcasm and charm through an anecdote or intro
  • She will totally admit when a recipe is a flop
  • She beautifully documents many of the steps and ingredients that lead up to her final product
  • She includes tips like “How to Max Out Your Tiny Kitchen.”

Some of the things I envy:

  • Her flawless ingredients!—New York markets, how I long for thee
  • Her unique talent of making gourmet masterpieces in a “42 square-foot, circa-1935” kitchen
  • Her ability to continually come up with new recipes—no repeats in 5 years?!
  • Her time—where does she find it?

Here are a few of my faves from the site:

Fennel Prosciutto and Pomegranate Salad

Spaghetti with Chickpeas, I made this and it was delish!

Espresso Chiffon Cake with Fudge Frosting, OMG!

Crispy Potato Roast, I'm making it TONIGHT!

Strawberry Summer Cake, something to look forward to.

So check out what’s got me Smitten and happy cooking!



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Trip with the Twins

This weekend I took a trip to Aquarium of the Pacific with a pair of my favorite twins! Luke and Garrett are family friends that I have seen grow from just little babies. Their individuality is stellar. Luke is blonde, bright and outspoken. He steals any show and always has a comment that will shock and entertain. Garrett is dark, thoughtful and intuitive. He has a compassion and tenderness that invites anyone and everyone to love him. It was a blast following these guys around the aquarium and getting to see how their individuality affected their experience.

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Picnic with Friends

Yesterday, my husband and I enjoyed a perfect lunch picnic at the Fullerton Arboretum. My camera tagged along just in case and we ended up making more friends than expected… By the way, the Arboretum has a cute little farm stand every Friday from 10am to 3pm. Check it out if you want some fresh and locally grown goodies.

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It’s Cool to Kuler

Color is huge! It sets the tone for your designs and commands your photos. So when I’m going into a new design project and I need a little kick in the knickers to get started I love checking out kuler for some inspiration. Kuler is an adobe run website that allows users to explore, create and share color themes that can then be downloaded and imported into your Adobe Creative Suite project files. I loooove it! You can create or use an existing Adobe ID to login and save your faves or create your own color pallets. Take a looksee at


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The Pooch Shoot

Today was so much fun (aside from my poor hubby having a hurt back—not fun!). I got to hang out with one of my best friends, Krystel Camilo, and it turned into a fun little pooch-shoot of my puppy.

Krystel is just getting into photography and wanted some pointers so we decided to play around my complex with her new Nikon. I love the opportunity to help a fellow budding photographer grow technically and artistically! Little did we know that my pup Charlie would steal the show—and completely distract us from our lesson!

“Pooch-shoots,” as I’m calling them, can be so much fun if you let the dog be a dog instead of trying to get him/her be like a human subject. I discovered that following Charlie around with no limitations and little interfering brought out so much of his personality. He sniffed, he yawned, he rolled… all the best parts of being a pooch. So here is a little slice of Charlie life, I hope you enjoy!

This pooch is pooped! Now we may have to look into some pro pup modeling.

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Evrika Bliss

Inspiration can come in so many forms. I often default to one of my favorite sources—music. Today I am turning to the new experimental indie pop project Evrika. Comprised by Ariana Vanderburg & Carlos Ramirez, this duo puts out some both eerie and enticing sounds. I am especially fond of Under the Kitchen Table on their June released album Ethnomedical. Its combination of warm vibes, cool vocals and wistful lyrics make for a delicious electro-pop recipe. Download the full album at or give them a shout out at


2011 Electro-pop project, Evrika

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What I saw today

Well, it’s time. Time to jump on the band wagon and get my blog on! I have tried and failed with the blogs in the past but this time I mean business. There is so much inside that I need to let out. Inspiration, insecurities, intellect and more things that start with “i.” Mostly I want to share the things I see and do… but mostly what I see, because who cares what I do right? So let us begin with a little taste of something I saw today.

We have all heard that fashion can be an art form, right? Well this brings that concept to a whole new level. Let art inspire your wardrobe!

Here are a few of my faves but you can find more at

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