Tyler Texas :: A Trip Through Ghost Town

As I mentioned in my last post my husband and I helped a good friend move to Texas by joining her on the 26 hour journey called the 10 freeway! Not long after departure we came across a mysterious little exit called Desert Center. Unfortunately, if you really need to pee this is probably the worst place anyone could ever choose to go, but we were so intrigued by this abandoned town that the bladders had to wait! If you are interested, read more about the town here. Wikipedia has some interesting things to say like, “Ragsdale (town founder) was a teetotaler and once hung a sign on the door of the café which read, ‘No Drunks. No Dogs. We prefer dogs.’ He was known to take a stick to travelers who were drunk in his café.” OR “He (Ragsdale) was accused of dallying with an office worker in his employ and left Desert Center in disgrace, living the rest of his days in self-imposed exile.” What a town! Here are some shots of the town and the abandon housing we found near by; as well as some other shots from the drive.

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