Jim and Margaret :: 50th Anniversary

It truly is beautiful to see a couple who has lived a lifetime together. I was blessed to see just that in Jim and Maggie. While photographing them in honor of the 50 years they have spent together I was lucky enough to hear the stories of how they met in Ireland, raising their children, life in South Africa and coming to America together. The Bible you see pictured is one that was gifted to them on their wedding day in 1963! It has seen many years of wear and has traveled many thousands of miles. Their marriage has surly been one of adventure and service. They shared that no matter where they go it is always about the people. I asked what it takes to have a long healthy life and marriage and they said, “friendship.” It was clear that relationships with the people around them has been the driving force in this couples life. So blessed to have captured a peek into the joy they share.

3 thoughts on “Jim and Margaret :: 50th Anniversary

  1. Beautiful Stephanie! I just love the glimpse into Jim and Maggie’s Life~ my fave is the black and white.

  2. Greaat WORK! Stephanie and wonderful people! I am so thankful to have these wonderful people as friends and family in the kingdom! Amazing Work!

  3. Colleen Coombs June 26, 2013 — 6:53 pm

    Oh these are just so stunning. It made me cry to see this couple laughing and smiling together. They are an example to all!

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