The Pooch Shoot

Today was so much fun (aside from my poor hubby having a hurt back—not fun!). I got to hang out with one of my best friends, Krystel Camilo, and it turned into a fun little pooch-shoot of my puppy.

Krystel is just getting into photography and wanted some pointers so we decided to play around my complex with her new Nikon. I love the opportunity to help a fellow budding photographer grow technically and artistically! Little did we know that my pup Charlie would steal the show—and completely distract us from our lesson!

“Pooch-shoots,” as I’m calling them, can be so much fun if you let the dog be a dog instead of trying to get him/her be like a human subject. I discovered that following Charlie around with no limitations and little interfering brought out so much of his personality. He sniffed, he yawned, he rolled… all the best parts of being a pooch. So here is a little slice of Charlie life, I hope you enjoy!

This pooch is pooped! Now we may have to look into some pro pup modeling.

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